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Sharing your perspective on policy issues is a powerful way to advocate on behalf of yourself, patients, and others in the medical community who have been impacted by various federal programs, initiatives, and legislation. It also shows policymakers how critical these programs are to ensuring the health of our patients, communities, and the health care workforce.

The AAMC Action community collects stories year-round to serve as powerful reminders of why it’s important to advocate for Graduate Medical Education (GME), medical research, health equity, and other key issues. View the unique insights from other community members below.

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I entered medicine to work with underserved communities. The reality is that to do that work, you often take a considerable pay cut. The interest rates on my federal student loans are much higher than most home and car loans. The Public Service Loan Forgiveness program is one reason why I chose to enter medicine. If we don't keep PSLF, many will lose the incentive to work with those who have the greatest need.
- Darshan
I decided to become a doctor to build longitudinal relationships with my patients and with my community so that we can achieve health in its most inclusive definition: physical, mental, and emotional health in the setting of a more equitable society. My family and I have never been rich though, and one of the things that allowed me to pursue my dream was the opportunity to have my loans forgiven.
- Yang
I am passionate to advocate for patients who are disadvantaged and underserved in medicine. I grew up socioeconomically disadvantaged and in a Spanish-speaking home. I experienced firsthand the disparities that currently exist in the medical field. Because of my background and personal experiences I am eager to be an advocate and positively influence those patients in greater need of a voice. PSLF will provide a feasible pathway for me to be able to provide this service to our constantly changing patient community.
- Claudia
I am Mohammad, a first-generation medical student. I was born and raised by two high school drop-out farmers, my parents, in one of the most primitive parts of the world, a village with no electricity and clean water in Pakistan. I saw unbearable suffering and a lack of accessible health care. I wanted to be part of the solution. The only thing my 7-year-old self knew then was that the United States is a place for the best medical education. So I decided to come to the United States for my medical education. Fast forward 10 years. I came to the United States as soon as I turned 17, alone and with 100 dollars in cash, to become a physician. I knew what I wanted to be, but had no clear path. Today, I am a third year medical student and a United States citizen. I want to work in underserved areas by choice, whether it is a rural area in the United States or South America or Africa. I want to do my part but I might need some help along the way. Government programs such as Public Service Loan Forgiveness matter to me. Programs such as these will help me ease my mind of the financial burden of obtaining a medical education and concentrate on patient care.
- Mohammad
After teaching middle school at a Title 1 school, I wanted to continue serving marginalized communities, but as a physician. Public Service Loan Forgiveness is a critical program for ensuring that student physicians can make decisions based on the good of society, not the necessity of finances.
- Michelle
I was a community organizer before I decided to go back to school and become a doctor. My motivation was pretty simple; I spent so much time working with community activists from underserved communities and witnessing how little respect they were given by not just doctors but entire health systems. I decided it was my responsibility to not only give back to these folks who stood up for our rights, but to do it with integrity, in partnership, with their well-being in mind instead of focusing on profits. As you can imagine, this isn't the most profitable health care work, and I hoped to participate in PSLF to pursue my dreams while having a secure system to deal with my debt. The end of this program could stop that dream cold in its tracks, and the communities I and others like myself hoped to serve will be without access to the next generation of doctors.
- Alice
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