Health Equity

Medical schools and teaching hospitals continuously work across all of their missions to collaborate with communities to ensure all people have the same opportunities to reach their full health potential—a state of health equity. As pioneers in research and clinical best practices, these institutions create the evidence base that makes the case for policies, partnerships, and practices that facilitate health equity.

AAMC Action supports federal policies that help make social systems more equitable, such as standardized, valid, inclusive data collection on the social needs and social determinants that are most likely to correlate with increased exposure, susceptibility, and severity of illness and infectious diseases. Additionally, we support policies that contribute to a more diverse and culturally prepared workforce and initiatives in clinical, education, and research spaces that advance the moral, financial, and societal imperative of health equity.

AAMC Action Community Voices

Health inequities can impact all of us. Whether as a health care provider or patient, it’s important to share our efforts to address health inequities. You can read stories shared by other advocates about how they are helping to reduce health inequities in their communities and share your own experiences through the link below.