Emergency Preparedness

AAMC members on the front lines have seen and experienced first-hand the challenges that patients, the public health and health care systems, communities, and the nation continue to face in combating COVID-19 infections, addressing long-term symptoms of the disease, and grappling with the inequities heightened by the pandemic. Academic medical centers have decades of experience in mobilizing resources during times of crisis and often lead regional responses in collaboration with their state and local health departments, regional emergency management systems, and community partners.

Policymakers must invest in the infrastructure needed to prepare for future public health crises, so our health care communities are better able to weather the storm. The most effective preparedness strategy requires ongoing, stable financial support for the nation’s core public health and health care infrastructures, including academic medical centers.

AAMC Action Community Voices

During the pandemic, health care workers, educators, and researchers have moved quickly to address the most significant public health crisis in a century — developing therapeutics and treatments, providing patient care in the midst of supply shortages and staff often stressed beyond capacity, and moving into a remote environment for learning. We have collected stories from members of the AAMC Action community that show the strength of the academic medicine community during public health crises. We encourage you to check out our story gallery and share your own perspective on why public health preparedness is a key issue for the medical community.