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2023 GME Day of Action

For our 2023 GME Day of Action, AAMC Action has a unique opportunity for you to make your voice heard and share your perspective about the importance of Graduate Medical Education (GME). Join us in support of expanding GME through the bipartisan Resident Physician Shortage Reduction Act (S. 1302/H.R. 2389), which aims to add 14,000 federally supported GME positions over seven years by creating a short video on why GME matters to you. If you haven’t already, you can take action now and encourage your lawmakers to co-sponsor this legislation.

Share why GME is important to you

Use the form below to share your perspective on GME and why it’s important to you. In your video, you can discuss the challenges you’ve faced, the importance of GME in your life and community, and why you believe expanding federally supported GME positions is crucial. You can record your video through this platform using a computer webcam or smartphone camera, and it will only take a few minutes.



Using the tool below, you can record your story on video.

  • Click or tap Record Video in the window below
  • Follow your phone or browser prompts to grant permission to use your device's microphone and camera
  • Click the red Record button and start sharing your story
  • Click the red Record button again to stop recording when you are finished
  • We recommend keeping your story to under 2 minutes. You can also record as many takes as you need – just click the red button again to start another video.
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