Protecting and Expanding Medical Research

Federal investment in medical research and the biomedical research workforce is the beginning of hope for patients suffering from serious illnesses. By far, the largest source of federal medical research funding is the National Institutes of Health (NIH), which supports cutting-edge discoveries across the country. In fact, nearly 55 percent of all extramural research sponsored by the NIH is conducted at medical schools and teaching hospitals. NIH-funded research at the nation’s medical schools and teaching hospitals has led to a deeper understanding of the mechanisms of human health and disease, and has provided better diagnostics, treatments, cures, and ways to improve health and save lives. Scientists are bringing us closer to new cures every day. However, currently, NIH only can fund a fraction of the promising proposals it receives. Continued advances require sustaining robust, predictable increases in the NIH budget.

Pledge to Support Research

We must ensure that medical research supported by NIH remains a key national priority. Raise your voice for secure, sustained increases in NIH funding — ensuring researchers can continue to make important advances in treatments for patients facing cancer, Alzheimer’s, substance use disorder, and more.