Become an AAMC Ambassador

Advocacy is a crucial part of our political process and members of the academic medicine community are the best advocates for your profession, your patients, and your communities. AAMC Action’s most dedicated advocates are AAMC Ambassadors: champions and leaders who advance policy priorities that strengthen the nation’s health and well-being and sustain the vitality of the nation’s academic medicine ecosystem.

AAMC Ambassadors are more than just advocates. AAMC Ambassadors are in regular communication with the AAMC Action team, and play a vital role in their community by sharing information about policy updates with their peers in academic medicine, on campus or in residency programs. The ideal Ambassador is passionate about the policies that impact the patients, communities, and the medical profession, active on social media, and engaged with their community and peers.

As an AAMC Ambassador you will expand your understanding of federal policies that strengthen medical education, make medicine more inclusive and equitable, fund research, and promote health equity, justice, and improve access to care. You’ll gain hands-on political engagement experience, and work with like-minded individuals to advocate for academic medicine on Capitol Hill – all with a goal of creating a healthier future for all.